• "EDUCATION is the manifestation of the perfection already in man"-Swami Vivekananda

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We are a vibrant learning community, which inspires every child to discover and embrace their individuality, to grow in their intellectual curiosity, and to enjoy their independence


We acknowledge that there is no such thing as a primary School pupil and that impressive academic results are just one aspect in our rich tapestry of educational provision; therefore, we encourage every child to grow in compassion, respect and an outward looking attitude, living out the School’s motto:”Kar Bhala Hoga Bhala”


We empower every child to thrive, developing social and emotional intelligence to become rounded and grounded in their character, demonstrating kindness and service to others

ABOUT S.G. School

Welcome From
Director Ma'am

A good education should last a lifetime. From the moment you walk through the doors at S.G. Primary School, you can feel the energy, excitement and passion for learning, together with a willingness to embrace new challenges.
We know that choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. Just like you, we believe the happiness and success of your child are key foundations upon which their future is built. That is why we are a school which genuinely delights in the individual. We are a place where every child is valued, every child is encouraged to give their very best, and every child has the chance to grow in confidence by participating in a wide range of inspirational learning experiences.

  • Value-Based Education (VBE)
  • Rich Co-Curricular
  • Character Development
  • Routine and medical care
  • Best Facilities
  • Academic Excellence

31Years of Excellence

Dr. Jinal Joshi

Director Dr. Jinal Joshi

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Children will benefit from an individualized, inclusive and nurturing setting where they will have the opportunity to explore.

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Inspired in their thinking, to ask questions, to make connections, to imagine possibilities, to reason methodically, and to capitalize on their resources.

Message From

Principal Ma'am

“Learning is a never-ending process.” Supporting this view, a child starts learning from
his family. To bring out the hidden potentialities & skills of the child, a school should
provide various opportunities.
 Thus, our school focuses on various scholastic & non-scholastic learning outcomes to
develop leadership, self-confidence, skill enhancement qualities among the children.
The present education system should foster creativity & create life long learners
through meaningful assessments.
 Right values, instead of attitude must be inculcated in the students which will result in
discipline & responsibility. This belief has guided me throughout my successful career.

Mrs. Salina Nair

School affiliation certificate S.G. English Medium School
School affiliation certificate S.G. English Medium School

School Affiliation details:

S.G. SCHOOL Registration number 29/KHPSH/Recognition/CHH/97/GNR. Dt. 29-03-1997

Rules & Regulation

  • All the pupils must abide by the school rules of conduct and discipline and must bear in mind the following points.
  • Be a regular Student, come to school in a clean and tidy school uniform.
  • Keep the school campus clean, it’s our moral duty. Throw all waste papers in the dustbin. Do not damage any school property in Including walls and furniture. Any damage shall entertain fine or replacement of good from the person responsible.
  • While moving in the Corridor strict silence has to be maintained so that the other classes are not disturbed. While going for P.T. other activities, go in 3 single lines. Without disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of the school premises. Running, playing, or shouting in the school building is not allowed.
  • Take care of your own things and don’t lose them. Don’t bring valuables to the school. School is not responsible for the loss of your things.
  • Your work and conduct should be such that it brings a good name to the school.
  • Pupil suffering from contagious or infectious diseases will not be allowed to attend the school.
  • Every bonafide student of the school is entitled and expected to make use of the library.
  • Every. a bonafide student is eligible to avail the privilege of railway concession from which entitle a student to a 50% deduction in fares during the vacation period.
  • Only vegetarian food is allowed in the school.
  • No student shall litter in the corridors and premises and not disturb the classes.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to send their wards in complete school uniform with l – card otherwise your ward will be sent back home.
  • School dairy should be checked and signed by the parents.
  • Your wards will not be given to unknown persons without Identity-card.
  • For long leave, Leave application should be submitted by parents to [Principal/ class Tr.] in the prescribed format or by attaching a medical certificate, otherwise, your ward will not be allowed to attend school.
  • All the parents from Std 3rd to 8th are requested to leave their wards at Gate No 7.
  • Parents are not allowed to move to the classroom directly without the permission of the Principal.
  • Students are not permitted to carry precious things in school.
  • Parents can meet the class teacher or subject teacher, every Saturday 11:00 am to 11:30 am
  • Any Bonafide certificate/Leaving certificate will be issued on the third day. Of application given, parents should collect it on Saturday only or your ward can collect it from the clerk office. [After the 3rd day of application]
  • Once the student entered the school campus/building will not be allowed to go home. No half leave will be granted.
  • Misconduct, unpunctual, Irregularity in doing classwork and homework, disobedient and ill-mannered child will be given L.C by the authority.


  • As regular attendance is an important element of education no leave of absence will be granted except for a serious reason.
  • Parents and guardians must state clearly the reason for the absence such as religious celebrations, marriage, etc. failure to do so invalids the application.
  • Leave of absence must be obtained from the Principal and the class teacher attested in the calendar. Half-day leave will not be granted to students. Once they come to •school they have to attend the whole day. They are not allowed to go out of the school campus during school hours including recess time. In case of serious illness, the principal must be informed within five days with a Doctor’s certificate, accompanied by the leave application by the parents.

Word for Parents & Guardians

  • In order to secure all that is best in the education of child maximum cooperation between parents and school, authorities are necessary. We earnestly recommend that parents or guardians look into their children’s school diary every day, and see that the lessons and homework assigned for the next day are all done. Remarks made in the diary should be seen and countersigned regularly. In case of any difficulty kindly contact the Principal Vice-Principal Supervisor.
  • Withdrawal of your child from classed for merely social functions and outing is not recommended because it retard the child’s progress in school and his respect for regular hard work and failure to progress in studies.


As per Gujarat State Syllabus’ introduction of Standard 1 to 8.

This school is recognized by the Department of Education, Gujarat state & caters to all castes and creeds. The course of the studies is planned to lead up to the Secondary school certificate examination.

GRADE 1 TO 5: Rs. 11400
GRADE 6 TO 8: Rs. 12340
GRADE 1 TO 5: Rs. 12540
GRADE 6 TO 8: Rs. 13580

Fees details

  • All fees must be paid regularly before the 15th of each month or if preferred, quarterly, or even yearly in June.
  • The tuition fee is charged for the full calendar year. Fees for the months of March, April & May will be collected together in March.
  • The delay of payment beyond two months renders the pupil liable to be removed from the attendance register.
  • The pupil will not be permitted to appear for any exam unless the fee is paid up to date.
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  • Leaving Certificate will not be issued until all fees are paid in full.
  • Fees must be paid in cash only. The cash receipt will be issued by the clerk. Entry in fees card by the clerk should also be checked.
  • Fees card has to be brought at the time of paying the fees. Without a fee card, fees will not be accepted.
  • During Exam, Fees will be collected in Exam timing only.
Boys Uniform

Std: I to IV:

ArmyGreen-Half Trouser, Lemon Yellow-Shirt, Black Shoes White dress: Shirt & Half trousers, White canvas shoes.

Std: V to VII:

Army Green-Half Trousers, Lemon Yellow-Shirt & Black Shoes White dress: T-Shirt & Half Trousers, White canvas shoes

Std: VIII:

Lemon Yellow-Shirt, Army Green-Full Trousers, Tie Compulsory.

Sweater: Army Green ‘V’ neck with lemon yellow strips. [For Std I to IV]
Blazer: Army Green [For Std V to VIII]
[Full Pants for Std 1st to 8th during winter.]
Std V and New students can purchase the coloured T-Shirt after the house allotment

girls uniform

Std: I to IV:

Army Green-Pina Frock, Lemon Yellow-Shirt & Black Shoes White dress: Pina Frock and shirt, White canvas shoes.

Std: V to VII:

Army Green-Skirt, Lemon Yellow-Shirt & Black shoes. White dress: Pina Frock and shirt, White canvas shoes.

Std: VIII:

Army Green-Semi Patiala Salwar, Lemon Yellow-Kurti, Army Green-Cotton Dupatta.

Sweater: Army Green ‘V’ neck with lemon yellow strips. [For Std I to IV]
Blazer: Army Green [For Std V to VIII]
[Full Pants for Std 1st to 8th during winter.]
Std V and New students can purchase the coloured T-Shirt after the house allotment.

Evolution System

  • The child would be monitored & evaluated throughout the Academic Year by written, oral, practical test & examination.
  • Four Formative Assessment & Two Summative Assessment will be conducted throughout the Academic Year.
  • The date of Assessment will be announced well in advance.
  • Promotion will depend on the performance of the child throughout the year and not merely on the final assessment.
  • Grade I & II children will be promoted on the basis of their performance throughout the year.
  • Grade III to VIII will have 40 marks Formative Assessment & 60 marks Summative Assessment in Semester-1 and Semester-2.
  • The Formative Assessment includes practical, class work, homework, conversation, assignments, projects and other subject oriented activities and co-curricular activities.
  • 10% to 15% marks logicals, current events and application-based questions can be asked in each subject.
  • Previous year question papers will be displayed before the Semester-Exams on the school website.
  • Drawing & PT practical exam will be conducted of 20 marks in Summative Assessment-I & Summative Assessment-II.
  • General Knowledge and Moral Science will be of 20 marks in Summative Assessment-I & Summative Assessment-II.
  • Computer theory and practical exam of 20 marks each will be conducted and average by 20 marks considered in Summative Assessment-I & Summative Assessment-II.
  • The school authorities will not entertain any request for pre or post exam likewise students absent during an assessment, for any reason including sickness will not be permitted for any re-test.
  • Minimum 90% attendance will be required for promotion to the next class. The decision of the Principal will be final in the matter of promotion and cannot be reconsidered.
  • Assessment parameters will be as per government norms.


Marks Distribution for the academic year 2023-24

Formative Assessment (FA), Summative Assessment (SA)

Note:- All the optional subjects will have SA1 & SA2 theory and it will be in Objective based except drawing and having 20 marks.

Exam Module













20 marks

20 marks

60 marks

20 marks

20 marks

60 marks

SA (60%)

Mark Consider







Per.(%) & Gr

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It is a highly academic school where individual and corporate excellence are expected and promoted

Central to S.G. School’s ethos is the dialogue between teachers and their pupils, whether in the classroom or in tutorials. This inspires passion for the subject, conveys knowledge and develops the skills of rational, independent thought, and liberation from dogma, prejudice or unthinking conformity.


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We are strong believers in the all-round education system. S.G. School aims to create life-long learners who have the tools needed for a successful future as respectful and responsible citizens in local and global societies.