Shri Vallabhbhai M. Patel

In its remarkable history of nurturing educational institutions, the SVKM trust has in last couple of years paved a new path by establishing professional and higher education institutes.

Considering the need providing proper ambience leading to evolve its own work culture and identity, this institution is established as the standalone institution. This may not be cost- effective. However, it is envisioned that this institution must grow to its full potential. In the matters of dynamics of designed changes in curriculum, responsiveness to changes in professional practice and reaching out for strong industry-institute interaction, such institution needs internal autonomy in the first instance. The Trust is committed to provide full support for this purpose.

The role of the Trust is that of the facilitator. The responsibility of institution building and growth is on the shoulders of the Faculty and Students. Their collective commitment, devotion and integrity will be essential and always needed.

Eventually, it will be for the students to put this institution on the national map. I wish this slightly arduous task is accomplished with the first batch itself shining out.

To conclude, I would express my sentiment about the senior most students of the campus who kept up the spirit of Late Shri Chhaganbha who used to chant the Proverb "Kar Bhala, Hoga Bhala" and are continuously setting higher & standards of performance discipline to he admired