Fees details

  • All fees must be paid regularly before 15th of each month or if preferred, quarterly or even yearly in June.
  • Tution fee is charged for the full calendar year. Fees for months of March, April & May will be collected together in March.
  • The delay of payment beyond two months renders pupil liable to be removed from attendance register.
  • Pupil will not be permitted to appear for any exam, unless fee is paid up to date.
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  • Leaving Certificate will not be issued until all fees is paid in full.
  • Fees must be paid in cash only. Cash receipt will be issued by clerk.. Entry in fees card by the clerk should also be checked.
  • Fees card has to be brought at the time of paying the fees. Without fee card, fees will not be accepted.
  • During Exam, Fees will be collected in Exam timing only.