Evolution System

The child would be monitored and evaluated throughout during the academic year following test, examination will be conducted: Two unit tests -20 marks each, Two Semester Exams- Annual Exams – 80 marks each. The dates of those examinations will be announced well in advance.

Promotion will depend on the performance of the child throughout the year and not merely on the final examination. Std. I to VIII 40% of the Internal assessment and 60% (average of 1st, 2nd semester exam) will be calculated. Internal assessment will be based on Unit test, practical, class work, home work, composition, discipline and other subject oriented activities and Extra Curricular activities.

The school authorities will not entertain and request for early exams. Likewise students, absent from a written test or exam, for any reason including sickness are not re-examined.

Minimum 90% attendance will be required for promotion into next class. The decision of the principal is final in the matter of promotion and cannot reconsider.

Marks Distribution for the academic year 2015-16

Formative Assessment (FA), Summative Assessment (SA)

Note:- All the optional subjects will have SA1 & SA2 theory and it will be in MCQ form except drawing and having 20 marks.

Semester-1 Semester-2 Total
FA1 FA2 SA1 FA3 FA4 SA2 FA(40%)
20 marks 20 marks 80 marks 20 marks 20 marks 80 marks SA (60%)
10% 10% 30% 10% 10% 30% Per.(%) & Gr